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Server Virtualization

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Server Virtualization Services Philadelphia

When it comes to keeping your IT operations running smoothly and efficiently while keeping costs low, server virtualization is a must. Would you rather invest in a wall of servers that take up precious business space, or would you prefer to get a bigger bang for your buck by making the most of the servers you already have?

Recovery from Disaster

Although, maximizing the use of server hardware is important, an important benefit is during a crisis when the hardware is no longer available.  Servers are backed up in total, called an “image backup”. But while non-virtualized physical servers require the exact same hardware to recover to, virtualized servers can be recovered to dissimilar hardware equipment, especially when the original hardware is no longer manufactured..  For most business, this feature ends up being the life saver between enormous down-time, and recovering in a few hours.

Consolidate Space and Resources

One of the main benefits of virtualization services is that they save you from needing to invest in multiple physical servers, each one dedicated to a specific task. Often, these servers aren't even performing at their full capacity, meaning that you aren't taking full advantage of the hardware your business already owns!

In addition, having a high number of in-house servers may produce a complicated network that takes up both physical space and material resources. Instead, specially designed virtualization software allows a single physical server to operate as if it were multiple virtual machines.

By abstracting virtual software from its hardware component, you can take advantage of more of each physical server's processing power, with each machine able to run multiple applications as if it were multiple servers.

In addition, abstracting software means you need fewer physical servers, saving space in your business's server room. More efficient servers mean less investment in physical hardware, more space for your business to operate, and better use of resources.

Reduce Operational Costs

Our server virtualization services allow you to make more efficient use of your hardware as your business's software is deployed through a virtual, rather than a physical, environment. This allows you to rely on fewer servers to host the same number of applications and the same amount of data.

Because you can cut down on your company's need for multiple physical servers, you can also expect to cut down on the operational costs that go into running each individual server. These costs include ongoing expenses such as A/C and electricity, as well as any associated costs for repairing and maintaining your server hardware.

Streamline Your Virtual Operations

Another perk of our server virtualization network services is that the creation of a virtual environment for your company's software streamlines your infrastructure management. Because virtual networks feature built-in management and support for relevant applications, you can keep your IT operations up to date with less hassle while maintaining a high level of self-automated support.

In addition, if legacy applications are an essential part of your business, you can rest easy knowing that virtual servers can more easily those kinds of apps. This means that virtual resources are a perfect way to upgrade your business's tech while maintaining continuity with past operations.

Whether your business uses new or legacy applications, you can run your system with a high degree of flexibility, functionality, and scalability through the use of a virtualized network.

Increase Employee Mobility and Productivity with Virtualized Desktops and Applications

Virtualization software also allows your employees to take advantage of virtual applications and desktops. Instead of being limited to physical devices that are a part of your in-house network, your employees can use any device to access their virtual work desktops and work applications securely.

This means that your employees can remain productive with a higher level of flexibility as they stay connected to your virtual network. By allowing your employees to be more successful while working on the go, you can create a work culture of increased organizational mobility.

More mobility and productivity means staying ahead of the competition in your field.

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Server virtualization may cost more up-front, but when configured properly, it saves you money during day-to-day operations and is a life saver during times of crisis.

If you want to take your business's software management and virtual network capabilities to the next level, contact TechBldrs today to learn how our team can create a custom-fitted Support plan for you.

Customer Reviews

Always Available to Answer Questions

TechBldrs provided top-notch customer service and fast response time. Their team was always available to answer questions and resolve any issues that came about. Also very knowledgeable about the newest and ever-changing technology. Highly recommend them for reliable and efficient IT support!

James V.

Peace of Mind

I don't write many reviews but these guys deserve one. One of their techs helped me set up security cameras at a rental property and now it's on my laptop and my phone, and I have peace of mind! I don't understand how it works, and I don't need to, they just made it work! Good job!

Rich M.

Quick Response Times

We have been with TechBldrs for 3 months and I am very happy with the service that they provide. They have quick response times. They walk us through any issues that may arise and make sure we grasp the "whole picture" before they close a ticket. They have taken the IT load off of my desk and put it on to theirs!

Anissa M.

Helped During a Holiday Weekend

TechBldrs has been providing IT support to us for nearly 10 years, and we value their service. They provide monthly support for each of our computers and make sure all of our systems and software is up to date. They respond promptly when we need help with any IT issues that arise. Several years ago we suffered a cyber attack over a holiday weekend that crippled our server, and TechBldrs worked through the weekend to be sure we were up and running before we reopened, so we did not miss a beat! Thank you TechBldrs!

Joe C.

Incredibly Responsive and Dependable

TechBldrs has been serving our company for quite a while and they've seen us thru many transitions, upgrades, and crises, all with the utmost professionalism and expertise. They keep us informed of what's going on in the IT world and help us understand and prioritize the changes that would best suit our needs. TechBldrs is incredibly responsive and dependable. Highly recommend.

Grace H.
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