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Our Cybersecurity Plan

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Are You Secure?

It’s a simple question with a sometimes not-so-simple answer.

40% of small to medium-sized businesses that use the internet will have their network accessed by a cybercriminal, and more than 50% won’t even know that they were attacked. (Source: Gartner Group)

What Could a Cybersecurity Breach do to Your Business?

  • Stolen client information
  • Stolen accounting data and monetary loss
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Spyware
  • Viruses
  • Malware
  • Data destruction

...and that’s just the beginning!

So How Can You Protect Your Company in Philadelphia

The cybersecurity landscape is always evolving, so you need a cybersecurity plan that evolves with it. TechBldrs has developed PentaGuard as a comprehensive framework to ensure that you’re protected, and that in the event that anything were to happen you can resume business as quickly as possible.

PentaGuard is made up of five core areas that work together to tackle even the nastiest cybersecurity threats head-on.

These are the five sections of PentaGuard:

  • Identification
  • Protection
  • Detection
  • Response
  • Recovery

We’ll break them down for you so you can feel confident in the services we provide.


You can’t fix a problem if you don’t know it exists. Identification centers around the development of an organizational understanding of the current cybersecurity risks to your systems, document management, assets, data, and capabilities. Recognition of possible dangers enables your company to focus and prioritize your efforts in a way that is consistent with your developed risk management strategy.

We’ll help you develop an understanding of the current cybersecurity risks your company faces, which will allow you to focus and prioritize during the implementation of PentaGuard.

During the Identification process, TechBldrs assesses:

  • Your current data backup and recovery system
  • Your company's remote access capabilities
  • The current level of employee cybersecurity education
  • Company password and security policies
  • If you have an email SPAM filter, antivirus, and/or website blocker in place
  • How you handle hardware and software updates


Protection is focused on the growth and implementation of tried-and-true safeguards we’ve developed during our years of experience. Protection supports TechBldrs’ ability to contain the impact of a potential cybersecurity threat. This includes all educational events, security audits and penetration testing, strictly adhering to all federal and state standards, an open line of communication between our client and us, and routine maintenance and upkeep.

Safeguards are developed and customized according to your exact needs and concerns.


With proper coverage, the odds of a security event occurring are very slim. But when it does, TechBldrs will know about it. We monitor your systems continuously, and any anomalies will be handled urgently using our strictly-managed response process.

We’ve broken down our Detection responsibilities into a timeline that includes:

  • Antivirus installation
  • Periodic security audits
  • Routine updates
  • Closure of security holes
  • In-person consulting and training
  • Computer an system health checks
  • IT and cybersecurity needs reevaluation and plan evolution


Response is aimed at cultivating procedures and systems that allow for swift action once a security threat is detected and identified. Examples of categories within the Response portion of our framework include planning, communications between TechBldrs and our clients, analysis, and improvements.

All security events are categorized as “Low,” “High,” or “Urgent” in accordance with our Threat Hierarchy upon initial alert or occurrence. In 15 minute increments, events can be raised or lowered in alert level depending on what has arisen during the course of the prior 15 minutes.


Our goal with Recovery is always to allow you to resume business as quickly as possible in the wake of a technological, physical, or cybersecurity disaster.

When we discuss Recovery, we’re discussing the development and implementation of plans geared towards the restoration of any technological capabilities and services that were impaired due to a cybersecurity event or physical disaster. We use our Restart Disaster Recovery service (or RestartDR for short), a doubled up backup service, to ensure that your future is planned for while we’re taking care of your present.

Cyber Security Plan

These are some of the steps we take during our Recovery process:

  • If there is data loss, we restore your company’s data based upon your business resumption planning
  • We lock down which computers or servers can be remotely controlled and accessed
  • Ensure that all proper security settings, programs, and procedures are being followed
  • IT planning and security consulting, including presenting a report about the security event that just occurred

If you are interested in a cybersecurity program, cybersecurity strategy, security risk assessment for your business please contact us.

Framework Five

(Restart Disaster Recovery)

The Next Generation of Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption

Disasters happen.

Unexpected hardware failure, physical disaster, accidental mismanagement by an employee, cybersecurity breach- it's not a matter of "if" your systems will be compromised, but "when." Your company relies on the day-to-day dependability of your business data. You need a disaster recovery service you can rely on just as much.

TechBldrs' RestartDR can get your business back up and running with as little downtime as possible. We've created a multi-faceted approach to business resumption and data recovery, keeping in mind all data-loss scenarios.

RestartDR combines:

  • A system-wide backup of all essential data
  • Equipment and software for backups
  • Daily monitoring
  • A complete business resumption plan
  • Disaster assessment and recovery schedule

To learn more about our disaster recovery planning, and feel free to contact us to discuss how we can immediately start the process of protecting your business.

Customer Reviews

Always Available to Answer Questions

TechBldrs provided top-notch customer service and fast response time. Their team was always available to answer questions and resolve any issues that came about. Also very knowledgeable about the newest and ever-changing technology. Highly recommend them for reliable and efficient IT support!

James V.

Peace of Mind

I don't write many reviews but these guys deserve one. One of their techs helped me set up security cameras at a rental property and now it's on my laptop and my phone, and I have peace of mind! I don't understand how it works, and I don't need to, they just made it work! Good job!

Rich M.

Quick Response Times

We have been with TechBldrs for 3 months and I am very happy with the service that they provide. They have quick response times. They walk us through any issues that may arise and make sure we grasp the "whole picture" before they close a ticket. They have taken the IT load off of my desk and put it on to theirs!

Anissa M.

Helped During a Holiday Weekend

TechBldrs has been providing IT support to us for nearly 10 years, and we value their service. They provide monthly support for each of our computers and make sure all of our systems and software is up to date. They respond promptly when we need help with any IT issues that arise. Several years ago we suffered a cyber attack over a holiday weekend that crippled our server, and TechBldrs worked through the weekend to be sure we were up and running before we reopened, so we did not miss a beat! Thank you TechBldrs!

Joe C.

Incredibly Responsive and Dependable

TechBldrs has been serving our company for quite a while and they've seen us thru many transitions, upgrades, and crises, all with the utmost professionalism and expertise. They keep us informed of what's going on in the IT world and help us understand and prioritize the changes that would best suit our needs. TechBldrs is incredibly responsive and dependable. Highly recommend.

Grace H.
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