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There are many companies that mistakenly believe they need an entire IT team or dedicated IT department to handle all of their technology issues. However, some companies just don’t have an internal IT team that can handle all of their tech needs, or they simply have limited resources and can't afford costly in-house teams. 

That’s where the team at TechBldrs comes in. With TechBldrs as your managed service provider, you can save money and expect better results. If you’re not sure if you should use a managed service provider for all your IT needs or what types of business benefits you can expect from making the switch, meet with the experts at TechBldrs today to learn more.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Network with a Managed Service Provider

At TechBldrs, we understand how expensive, confusing, and frustrating it can be for business owners to manage their own IT services. We also understand how costly it is to employ an in-house IT department, so we’ve come up with the perfect solution. Outsourcing your IT to TechBldrs can give you a huge advantage over the competition. A modern-day business with limited IT resources needs to take extra measures to reduce the financial risk of employee downtime and prevent common security issues. 

When you hire TechBldrs as your managed service provider, you’ll have reliable defense and round-the-clock access to our entire team of experienced IT professionals who are available to meet your needs. With a streamlined approach to IT, our team can provide a range of services that can help improve productivity in the office, troubleshoot any IT issues, and help alleviate your stress. Our goal is to help you develop a smooth network infrastructure that will set your company up for long-term success, while giving you the time you need to focus on your business goals, instead of IT issues. 

TechBldrs provides a long-term IT solution for your growing business. Our job is to handle all of your security and network issues, meet all of your IT needs, and keep your business up and running. By working with the team at TechBldrs, your company will enjoy top-of-the-line, outsourced, customized IT solutions.

We offer a level of service you won't get from our competitors. With TechBldrs in your corner, you can focus on business processes and daily operations while we provide: 

Get the Tech Expertise Your Company Needs

At TechBldrs, our highly trained IT experts stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology, allowing us to provide more efficient and effective outcomes. By shifting strategic IT operations to TechBldrs, you can work on growing your business and focusing on your company’s operations and goals, not IT and equipment issues. 

Take Advantage of 24/7 Tech Support

When the team at TechBldrs manages all of your IT needs, your company’s IT operations will be handled by trained professionals who will monitor your systems round-the-clock, to provide the highest level of security and protection to keep business operations running smoothly. Many in-house IT teams aren’t equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to handle serious threats or time-consuming tasks. Unfortunately, this can put a company at risk of attacks. It can also result in an overworked team that’s reactive instead of proactive.

Working with a managed service provider is a great way to handle the growing demands of technology and prevent a major disaster. When you sign up with TechBldrs, you can expect faster response times across the board, whether it’s handling a cyberattack in the middle of the night or fixing a simple software bug.

Reduce Tech Costs

When you work with TechBldrs, you’ll maximize your IT budget, and avoid the costs of hiring, training, managing, and equipping an in-house IT team. This means you won’t have to pay for things like training processes, equipment, insurance, or other costs associated with new employees. Instead, that money can be invested back into your business. As your business continues to grow, so do your IT needs. When you partner with TechBldrs, with the money you’re saving by avoiding hiring an in-house IT department you can focus on scaling your business and your IT resources. When you meet with our IT experts, you can discuss growth plans and create a unique strategy for all of your IT needs.

Minimize Downtime

98% of organizations claim that just one hour of downtime costs approximately $100,000. Downtime is something every business wants to avoid, which is why it’s essential to mitigate it as much as possible. A managed service provider can provide proactive monitoring and backup solutions that will protect critical information and provide avenues for service continuation if disaster strikes. A managed service provider can be a lifesaver for a smaller company, considering how damaging downtime can be.

Maintain Data Compliance and Business Continuity

Data loss can be a complete disaster for any company. A company relies on data, applications, and documents to function daily. Because of this, you need a well-thought-out solution to ensure lost access doesn’t result in disruption and massive downtime. At TechBldrs, we specialize in disaster recovery and data backup and can create a plan to get you up and running in no time. We’ll ensure that multiple copies of data exist so we can easily restore the backup data in the event of database corruption, accidental deletion, or a software upgrade issue. The disaster recovery processes we provide ensure access to IT resources, data, and applications quickly, in the event of an outage.

When IT-related issues weigh down your employees, you need managed service providers that can work for you round-the-clock, freeing up your staff to focus on more important issues. Our team of experts will identify any issues, so your employees won’t be left struggling or waiting for outside help that requires specialized knowledge and skills. At TechBldrs, we can provide the expertise you need, allowing you to stay on top of your operations and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a team of professionals keeping a close eye on your system.

Establish High-Level Network Security 

Data breaches, ransomware attacks, and malware violate industry compliance regulations. Unfortunately, security breaches and other types of security challenges continue to occur and evolve on a daily basis. If your company doesn't stay on top of the latest industry standards, you may face major fines or your operations may be shut down.

Fortunately, the experts at TechBldrs offer professional cybersecurity services and are familiar with the latest regulations for data privacy and protection. We can ensure that your systems are always compliant and up-to-date with the necessary regulations to help you stay compliant with industry trends and standards. With our IT techs in your corner implementing effective security strategies, you can expect reduced risks and advanced security practices that will keep your company protected from malicious attacks and your system operations running smoothly.

Enhance User Productivity

When you work with a managed service provider, you can determine the best IT infrastructure that will support your unique company. At TechBldrs, we can design an operating environment that will help maximize employee productivity and minimize downtime to reduce system failures in the future. Our team can manage your infrastructure and save you time, ensuring operations always run smoothly.

Contact a Leading Managed Service Provide to Schedule a Consultation

When you work with TechBldrs, you can expect constant monitoring, high-security standards, rapid response times, and assistance from experienced and skilled IT professionals. When you hire us as your managed service provider, you'll have more time to focus on growing your business. The team at TechBldrs provides 24/7 tech services, giving you peace of mind knowing that your IT operations are in the hands of experienced professionals who will stay on top of all your technology needs, now and in the future. To learn more, contact the team at TechBldrs today.

In the modern world, not every business is equipped to support the necessary IT requirements. Even a business with an in-house IT team may struggle to stay up-to-date with the constant advancements in technology. This can make it difficult to handle every administrative, network, or security issue that can arise. TechBldrs, a managed services provider, can meet your IT needs, for a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT team. When a business owner works with a managed service provider, they can free up employees to boost productivity, cut costs, and focus on growing their business.

Managed IT Provider

Managed services are a collection of IT tasks that can be offloaded to an external managed service provider, instead of hiring an in-house IT team. An MSP can also be used to augment internal resources that are used to perform IT tasks.

An MSP will oversee a business owner's technology environment, monitoring and responding to prevent major tech issues or they can respond to any problem the minute one arises to implement measures that will prevent disastrous security issues.

What Is a Managed Service? 

Having reliable and proactive support for your IT tasks is invaluable. Managed services are crucial since they allow a company to perform core business operations with reduced risk. Most, if not all, employees depend on computers with internet and network connectivity to accomplish their daily tasks. When an IT problem arises, it can be costly for an in-house tech team or other employees to solve these issues alone.

Managed services focus on resolving tech issues and can also actively update and maintain systems to minimize the risk of a security breach or downtime. When a company teams up with a managed services provider, it can spend more time handling daily business processes and less time worrying about frustrating tech issues.

Managed services can include:

The exact services provided are defined by every client. Emergency recovery, help desk services, and technical support are often included. Because these services are provided at a monthly rate, these costs remain predictable.

Most Important Managed Services 

Managed services are designed to centralize and support all aspects of IT for a business. At TechBldrs, our IT team works hard to ensure technology problems don't arise, rather than waiting for a security breach, downtime, or another type of emergency to happen.

Data backup is one of the most important services an MSP provides. A managed service provider will create and store backups of a company’s data, using cloud-managed technology that secures the files offsite. Storing backups remotely provides an additional layer of security, also allowing a company to instantly access important data, from anywhere.

Services also include 24/7 monitoring and availability to ensure fast responses and minimal downtime in the event of system failure or a crash. The cost of downtime can easily run into the thousands. Managed services can be a valuable resource for business owners. With remote monitoring, an MSP can handle major and minor issues, to prevent or minimize downtime.

Instead of an in-house IT team that has general knowledge of common issues, when you work with an MSP, you’ll have a team of experts on hand that specialize in particular areas, so they’re able to easily solve specific problems.

Security breaches are becoming more and more common. With an MSP in your corner, your company will have the latest security protections to fight against data breaches. Additionally, managed service providers can also take care of data compliance so your company will avoid any penalties.

Major Benefits of Managed Services 

The benefits that come with managed services are undeniable. Every business owner can benefit from working with an MSP that takes a proactive approach to protecting network systems, and IT infrastructures, overseeing critical business functions, and quickly handling and preventing potential issues that could result in unexpected costs, compliance issues, and downtime. 

More Time to Focus on Your Business 

Working with an MSP allows you to focus on your core business process and growing your business, without wasting money or time trying to troubleshoot technical issues. When you can focus solely on your core business objectives and not have to worry about frustrating IT issues, you can anticipate achieving your business goals and expect improved productivity in the office.

More Efficient IT Spending 

While managed services are certainly still a business expense, it’s one that’s predictable, so you can build your monthly budget around it. Having an MSP to rely on means you also won’t have to hire a large in-house IT staff, which often comes with a monthly cost that’s staggering. If you’re a new business with limited resources, you can enjoy the benefits of having IT experts available round-the-clock, for a fraction of the price it would cost to employ a staff with the same level of expertise.

Improved IT Security

Catastrophic data breaches, ransomware attacks, and malware violate most if not all, industry compliance regulations. Unfortunately, every day, these security threats continue to evolve. If your company doesn’t stay up-to-date on the latest industry standards, you may be forced to shut down operations or you may be faced with significant fines.

When you work with a managed services provider, you’ll have a team of knowledgeable experts that stay current with the latest regulations for privacy and data protection. At TechBldrs, our managed services ensure that your systems are always compliant and up-to-date with necessary regulations. This can help you stay compliant with industry trends and standards.

Expert-Driven Service 

When you work with a managed services provider, you’ll have an IT team with a higher degree of expertise compared to a standard in-house IT team. Instead of hiring an IT specialist whenever an issue arises, you’ll have a team of experts on hand that can resolve any problems, for a standard monthly cost.

Contact a Managed Service Provider to Schedule a Consultation 

When you run into cybersecurity issues, you're faced with costly downtime, or there’s a security breach, you run the risk of losing a significant amount of money. To protect your company, you need the support and knowledge of expert IT technicians. At TechBldrs, our staff provides reliable IT maintenance plans, system monitoring, data backup, and more, to keep your business safe and allow you and your team to focus on scaling your company, instead of handling IT issues and emergencies. To learn more about our managed services, contact TechBldrs today to schedule a consultation.

It's no exaggeration to say that modern business is built on its IT infrastructure. With the internet at the center of almost every business and that number growing constantly, information technology is no longer a luxury.

You may be considering upgrading or replacing your company's IT equipment. Getting the timing of hardware refresh cycles right is both a science and an art. With so many factors to consider, knowing whether to pull the trigger is always a difficult choice for businesses.

It is critical to ensure that your company's IT infrastructure is working as effectively as possible. In this article, we will direct you on what is best for your business.

Why Is Replacing IT Equipment Such a Big Deal? 

When IT equipment breaks down, everything from your productivity to your bottom line suffers. Your team requires an immediate and effective answer. The challenging choice is whether to attempt a repair or replace it with modern technology.

Because replacing equipment is a significant investment, many professionals prefer to fix it rather than replace it. However, the expenses associated with repeated breakdowns – poorer employee productivity, faulty output, increased labor costs, frustrated employees, and missed production deadlines — can potentially exceed the cost of replacing the equipment entirely.

A prudent IT leader will define and implement an equipment replacement strategy for devices used by employees. Of course, the goal is to ensure everyone has the right tools for the job. And, ideally, to make sure equipment doesn’t become a problem or barrier for people as they attempt to do their work.

Top Signs You Need to Replace Your IT Hardware

We all know that no IT equipment lasts forever; while technology upgrades and repairs can work for a period of time, there comes the point when you will need to replace your outdated technology.

Knowing when to replace your business technology can be challenging. If you wait too long, you can incur expensive support and service costs, and if you replace desktops and laptops too soon, you aren’t maximizing your original investment. So, how do you know when to keep or replace your equipment?

Here are a few signs that show it's time to replace your outdated hardware:

The Maximum Life Cycle of your Equipment 

Everything has an expiration date. After an item's predicted lifespan has passed, it often outlives its intended purpose and might cause more issues than it solves. 

When a piece of technology becomes obsolete, it can be sluggish, inconvenient to use, and sometimes dangerous. But every piece of technology has a window within which it performs optimally.

For example, the average lifespan of a computer is typically three to five years. Desktop computers should last at least three years, and laptops, between three and five years.

The technology life cycle of a particular piece of equipment depends on several factors besides how long a business has had it. It can be shorter or longer based on what kind of tech it is, how the company uses it, the parameters of your business’ IT system, and how often you conduct maintenance. 

By paying attention to the lifecycle of your technology, you can understand when the best times to make upgrades are and keep up to date with maintenance. Sticking to scheduled maintenance and replacement dates will help your company mitigate potential risks and keep uptime levels high. The benefits of remaining attentive to your IT hardware lifecycle are varied. Every business has to replace its tech at some point, and managing each unit’s duration will ensure you do so at the optimal time.


Are Annual Upgrades Worth It? 

It’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of new product launches. Though upgrading your company's equipment is imperative, understanding that replacing it annually could be costly for your business.

Businesses should keep their IT systems up to date with the newest operating systems and hardware for reasons ranging from productivity to cybersecurity threats. Updating a technology system might provide much-needed speed and functionality improvements. However, proceeding carefully is vital to avoid disruption and data loss.

There is a balance to technology upgrade timing. Waiting until your operating system crushes is risky. Consider upgrading your hardware every three years. Your new hardware will come with the latest software preinstalled, making it potential cost savings for your company.

Tips for Upgrading Your Company's Technology 

Every day, innovations enter the technology industry. This implies that you must revamp your present technological stack; hardware and software updates, and upgrade with newer, better technology every few years.

Here are some of the best techniques for modernizing your essential technology for safety.

Contact a Leading IT Service Provide to Schedule a Consultation 

Upgrades are essential in the digital world for a reputable business. However, safety is essential to keep data, software, and hardware intact and secure.

TechBldrs is your one-stop shop for all things IT. We specialize in supporting small to medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. Our professionals provide a variety of solutions, including cloud computing. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and IT support. Contact us today!

With all your company's devices, there are many opportunities to get disorganized. With all the laptops, phones, desktops, and iPads, how can you be sure you are keeping all your devices secure? How are you controlling all those logins and enforcing password policies?

A great way to keep everything organized is to consider purchasing a server. Really, any business in Southeastern Pennsylvania with more than two or three employees should at least consider an on-premises server.

In this blog, we will share five signs why your small business needs an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP).  Read on!

Conscience About Costs

When you need automation to fit your budget and an affordable IT plan to show the future path, then an IT Managed Service Provider is the right fit for your business in Willow Grove, PA.

An MSP allows you to enjoy the advantages of the latest IT solutions without breaking the bank, thanks to partnerships with vendors that can result in procurement discounts.

Frequent Tech Problems

When one of your highest-paid and longest-tenured employees is spending their valuable time resolving day-to-day Tech issues, and day-to-day IT surprises continually derail their day, it is a sign that your business requires a service provider. 

By utilizing monitoring and remote management systems, an MSP can fix your IT without disrupting your business or even having a technician visit your office.

When you need a structured plan to prevent an IT disaster before it happens, and you've exceeded your hodge-podge home-built system, we have the perfect solution for your company!

Outstanding Project Bottleneck

A bottleneck is any point of congestion in a project that causes delays in the workflow. Bottlenecks in project management reduce the pace of the project due to limited capacity. An outdated, slow, or obsolete system or software can slow down your workflow and create a bottleneck in your process.

Systems-based bottlenecks can cause frequent issues like slow printers, manual archiving systems, or work management software that just doesn’t fit your project’s needs. Identifying what type of bottleneck you’re dealing with is the first step in solving it. Once you know if you’re dealing with a systems-based or performer-based bottleneck, you can dive deeper to pinpoint what exactly is causing the technological issue. 

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Although monitoring software does an excellent job, you will need someone to evaluate and detect various threats. This way, someone can respond quickly and attempt to mitigate damage. Cybercriminals prefer to prey on small businesses. If you have any size of business, make sure you invest in cybersecurity methods to protect your company.

Managed IT services provide on-site support while also protecting your company's data against cyber criminals.

Backing up Your Data

If your company in Phoenixville, PA, has grown to where you need to properly segregate access to data, applications, and resources, you will require management support services. 

With a managed network, you can centralize all your applications and servers within managed data centers. This gives your staff access to these data centers within the network and can also provide access to virtual services like storage and backup strategies.

Lack of an IT Strategy

Technology is complex and constantly changing. Without professional technicians, it’s almost impossible for you to get a complete overview of your entire technology infrastructure. Your time and resources are limited. You need to scale, and you don’t have the IT infrastructure and bandwidth to handle the expansion. This is where an MSP comes in. 

We will constantly be on the lookout for anything that might put your IT environment at risk and will explain everything in terms you understand. We will also help create a well-defined list of which technology products, hardware, and software are tied to your critical business functions and aptly assign different service priority levels to match them. 


Your time is precious, and that is why we want to help you determine how your business can benefit from IT Managed Services. 

By collaborating with our dedicated team of IT and technology experts, you can avoid dealing with time-consuming IT issues or having to wait for someone to come to your aid and ensure your technology is providing the boost your business requires. We welcome you to contact us today! to schedule a consultation. 

Business Strategy Alignment with IT Strategy

While you may be tempted to stick with your old IT, when your IT is outdated you may be facing several risks that are associated with falling behind current technology trends. 

Important System Upgrades Can Improve Customer Service and Customer Experience 

Every business wants to provide the very best service to its customers. To continue to offer your customers the excellent customer service they deserve, you must take steps to ensure that your systems are running as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Whether your customers are visiting your website or interacting with a payment system, every customer wants a simple, fast, and seamless experience that allows them to get what they need, without any inconvenience. By upgrading your IT strategy and systems, you’ll ensure your customers enjoy a pleasant experience, which often increases the likelihood of repeat business. 

Modernize Business Operations 

As technology continues to evolve, many systems are becoming more efficient and able to operate at a faster rate compared to older technologies. Tasks that were once time-consuming and difficult can easily be automated or streamlined if you choose the right platform. Staying up-to-date on the advancements in technology can help many areas of your business, allowing operations to run efficiently and smoothly, so you can focus on core business goals. 

Upgrading Your IT Strategy Will Give You the Upper Hand 

Do you want to stay ahead of the competition? If you’re falling behind and failing to keep up with modern technology, you may be putting your business at risk. While you’re left with outdated systems, you can bet your competitors are making important changes to their IT strategy. Updating your IT can prepare your business for changing customer expectations and demands. Making these important changes can even increase your company’s customer appeal and relevancy, allowing you to stand out from the competition. 

An Important Investment that Will Protect Your Company 

Using outdated technology can put you at risk for a major disaster, data loss, breaches, and cyberattacks, all of which can be costly to repair. Upgrading your systems can cost money upfront, but you should consider these important changes as investments that will save you money down the road in maintenance and repair costs. 

Even with all of the benefits that come with upgrading a company’s IT strategy, many companies assume that if one platform or strategy has worked for them in the past, it will continue to work for them long in the future. Smaller companies are also very reluctant to make upgrades to their technologies due to the upfront costs, not realizing the gravity of what can happen to their important data and systems. The assumption that their outdated technology will continue to provide the services and protection they need is a huge mistake. Additionally, failing to keep IT strategies up to date can cause a business to fall behind in the competition. To ensure your business continues to thrive and grow, you need to learn the most efficient ways to stay up-to-date with current technologies. 

Upgrading Your IT Strategy 

At TechBldrs, we can help you update your systems and determine which technologies your business needs. An IT strategy assesses the technological needs of a company and evaluates the resources available to the company, allowing the business to narrow down the types of technologies it needs to run more efficiently and helps to prepare them for a disaster while allowing them to stay a step ahead of the competition. 

A Complete Business Transformation Can Set Your Company Up for Technological Success 

By updating your IT strategy, your business will be prepared for potentially disastrous events. Additionally, by incorporating modern technologies, your company will be in a position to encourage and accommodate new growth. In the future, you’ll also be better prepared to introduce new technologies as they’re presented. 

Investing in scalable bandwidth is one of the ways your company can get in this position. Scalable bandwidth allows internet providers to increase broadband speed, based on any short or long-term changes in need. This gives your company more room to grow and allows operations to run smoothly. 

Managed Services Can Improve Business Performance 

Many business leaders can agree that technology is a critical and valuable part of every business. However, there are still many businesses that don’t have the desire or time to devote their resources to implementing and keeping up with new technologies as they’re made available. At TechBldrs, we offer managed IT services that allow you to offload some or all of your IT tasks so you can focus on business goals. We’ll handle all of your IT needs, including staying on top of the latest technology and meeting with you to discuss any necessary changes that will benefit your company. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your IT needs are met and handled by professionals. 

Implement Automated Software Updates

Many business process programs will automatically update, or you may receive reminders that will notify you when software updates are needed. In some cases, there are programs that will never notify you when an update or upgrade is needed or available. As part of your IT strategy plan, we can help you determine the best way for your company to automate these updates or our IT techs can upgrade or update your software manually, as needed. 

Let the Team at TechBldrs Help You Plan Ahead

Typically, every time new technology is released there’s quite a buzz regarding how game-changing the tech is and what it can do for a business. If you’re interested in the latest tech trend and want to find out if it’s right for your growing business, contact TechBldrs. Our IT team can analyze new technologies and assess where they will fit within your IT strategy. To remain relevant and stay competitive in the modern business world, your company has to stay current with the changing technology trends. This helps your company get the most out of the technology you currently use and allows you to make the right technological investments for the future of your company. To learn more about aligning your IT strategy to meet your business needs, contact TechBldrs today to schedule a consultation with our experienced and knowledgeable IT team. 

You already know that the biggest digital security risks for any business is a data breach. The rise in number of ransomware attacks around the world show that cyber crime is growing, and that it’s more important now than ever before to ensure that your sensitive company data is secure and that your organization maintains compliance with all federal and state laws and guidelines.


Sitting in front of a webcam for hours a week is now normal, both for your business and your social life. Making a good impression during a video call is important, which means figuring out how to appear presentable on your colleagues’ laptop screens, or learning the importance of camera angles, a good internet connection, and clear, understandable audio.

Want to master video conferencing? Here are our three tips to help you video call like the professional you are.


While we all may have taken a day or two to work from home in the past, a large-scale transition to a work from home environment like the one we’ve seen can present its own brand of challenges.


Last month, we covered what to do to protect your digital life if you lose an Android device with access to your online accounts. But what if you’re a member of the 45% of Americans that have an iPhone as their smartphone of choice? This month, we’ll be covering what to do if you lose your Apple device.


Most people with online accounts have been asked to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) before. It’s one of the most accessible online security measures you can take, and we at TechBldrs recommend it highly. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft encourage users to add a device- like a mobile phone- to which they can send a login code when an attempted account login is registered.

If you’re the owner of the account, great: you input that code when prompted and gain access. If the person trying to access your account isn’t you, then that added layer of security just saved you a major headache.

But what happens if the person trying to access your account is you, you’ve just lost or broken your phone?