August 18, 2022
Business Continuity Plans and the Importance of Data Backups

Include Data Backups in Your Business Continuity Plan At TechBldrs, our team of IT experts can help you create a plan that will have your company up and running during a disaster. The goal is to minimize downtime and restore normal business operations, allowing you to conduct business as usual.  A business continuity plan identifies […]

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March 5, 2018
6 Reasons Why You Need a Backup and Business Resumption Plan

In this quickly-expanding cybersecurity landscape, it’s not good enough to ask yourself “if” your data will be threatened, you have to ask yourself “when.” There’s only one way to ensure your business and personal files are protected from this sort of (very popular) ransomware threat: you need a complete backup, recovery, and business resumption plan. […]

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