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IT Support Services King of Prussia, PA

At the core of every company is the technology that enables communication. No matter how big or how small, businesses revolve around their technology. Desktops, laptops, servers, smartphones - in today's interconnected world where things are often the tap of a finger away, keeping your technology running smoothly is paramount. Your IT shouldn't be slowing your business down. And neither should cybersecurity threats. TechBldrs can take away the stress and insecurity that comes with mismanaged IT.

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IT Support Services You Can Trust

We provide IT support and IT services in King of Prussia. Our company is a people-first business that can design and deploy technology solutions that provides safety and competitive advantage. We can help you grow your small or medium-sized business while ensuring your day-to-day operations run smoothly. Since 1998, we've worked to develop a timely and professional core values-driven approach, custom-tailored to your business, that allows technology to work for you, and not the other way around.

Core Support

At the center of our technical services is our Core Support program. Every communications system needs protections, and TechBldrs' Microsoft Certified Professionals customize and build a defense plan that's catered to your business's unique needs. Here's what that entails:

Continual Software Updates

Updating to the latest versions of key business software is fundamental to keeping your company secure and moving forward. But updates aren't often as simple as you might think. While an automatic update might upgrade your business or fix an existing problem, sometimes they can cause more problems than they fix! So what can you do? Our Core Support has multiple testing levels for every update before it gets applied. All updates are applied after hours of checking and rechecking, and any problematic update can be easily rolled back, causing little to no disruption to your regular workday.

Antivirus and Anti-malware

Our anti-malware was ranked #1 by an independent industry testing facility and has the smallest usage footprint on your system possible, meaning it's so unobtrusive you won't even know it's there until it matters. And with Core Support, your antivirus and anti-malware never expire. We always keep it up-to-date for you so your computer systems will have the latest protections.

Remote Management and Monitoring Services

Weird things can happen to computers. That seems to be a fact of life. What slows you down is not having the right solutions to problems when you need them. TechBldrs' PAM (Proactive Alert Management) System is the tool we use to monitor your vital systems and give you those solutions as soon as possible. Whether your internet goes down, you have a cybersecurity breach, or someone needs our help, PAM allows us to manage your systems remotely and ensures that we can connect to you when you need us. Through PAM, we can adjust system settings via a remote session, to continually ward off new cyber threats. TechBldrs monitors your business 24/7, 365 days a year.

Email Support Services

While most of us think SPAM is a more-or-less harmless email inbox clogger, SPAM can be highly dangerous to your company email and your business. A seemingly-innocuous email can hide a payload of Spyware that will cause email issues, damage your systems, and shut your business down for the day- if not for longer. SPAM is annoying, but Spyware infections are time-consuming and costly to eradicate. As part of our Core Support, TechBldrs' Spam Filtering service:

  • Decreases the garbage mail that takes up space and congests your Internet connection
  • Frees up the load on your email server, desktops, and laptops from filtering and rejecting SPAM
  • Provides a mail bagging service for five days while your email server or Internet connection is down
  • Automatically kills one of the prime vectors of entry for Spyware to prevent a host of issues

Priority Support

While our Core Services are comprehensive and are often more than enough for most small and medium-sized businesses, sometimes companies want more individual service and personalized support. We believe that the best way to develop a trustworthy and positive working relationship is through direct human contact, which is why we've designed our Priority Support program to focus on the balance between the ease of remote service and the necessity of personal interaction in order to give you the best possible IT experience. Priority Support offers a mix of professional IT consulting, systems engineering, and personal support to keep your business running smoothly. We cover all your computers and devices, from servers and other network technology to office desktops to laptops in the field.

Priority Support adds the human element of IT consulting services in King of Prussia for a fixed monthly fee.

Support for Your Business Decisions

  • Understanding what technology will benefit your business, your management, and your employees
  • Developing your IT Plan so that all of your technological business needs are met
  • Assuring that all of your IT assets are getting the visibility and attention they deserve

Support for People When they Need it

  • Get personalized, hands-on IT-related service during TechBldrs' monthly on-site visit
  • And if you find yourself needing help outside of the monthly visit, we provide fast and unlimited support through our call-in Help Desk team to prevent a hiccup in service or little problems from growing into bigger problems
  • Management can also request Quarterly Business Reviews and an Annual System Recommendation to plan for changes that will benefit your business and your business technology

Support for Your Systems and Safety

  • We manage your hardware repair, in the event of hardware failure, diagnosing the issue and interfacing with the vendor support teams so you can focus on running your business
  • We provide inspections to ensure that everything is working as intended and put emergency contingency plans in place
  • Optimization and system tuning to keep your systems running at their best

Outsourced IT Support

A smaller company or start-up may not have the budget for additional full-time staff to handle issues with their online services, applications, or software. Outsourced IT support services can help increase business productivity or it can serve as a solution for a company that is faced with downsizing its IT department. Third-party IT support services can handle a company’s entire IT network, maintaining and monitoring everything from security and server performance to network management, backup service, and systems management. At TechBldrs, this type of service will improve cost-effectiveness and the quality of service. We can help maintain a calmer work environment by handling any IT-related issues, while you and your team focus on your business.

IT Consulting Services

Your IT service providers at TechBldrs can provide all the support your company needs to leverage and understand a powerful IT strategy. Our consulting services can result in fewer surprise expenses, increased business efficiency, less downtime, and more control when it comes to your IT needs. We will discuss your business vision and goals to ensure we provide your company with effective technical solutions that will align with those goals and your company’s mission. We will do this by evaluating your infrastructure to ensure the best practices are met and that your existing use of technology supports your company’s organizational goals. After an assessment, we can make recommendations concerning how you can improve your system to better align with your company’s objectives. We provide seamless technology solutions that can help your modern business run more efficiently, for uninterrupted system productivity.

Computer Network Support

This type of service can ensure your network is running smoothly. We can assess your existing network or design one specifically for you and make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible.

We will also monitor your system around the clock, address any issues as they arise, and take care of all of your system’s needs. Our tech support can also help with individual computer problems and can fix desktops or laptops in the event of hardware failure. Whatever your IT-related needs are, TechBldrs has got you covered.

Cybersecurity Consulting Company

Your cybersecurity service providers at TechBldrs in King of Prussia offer digital protection for your company that ensures your business data is not at risk from potential threats such as ransomware and adware. Additionally, a virus can slow down your system, which can make working efficiently and quickly practically impossible. A security software expert on our cybersecurity team will eliminate this possibility to maximize your company’s potential output. We will monitor your system for any potential threats to prevent a major security incident and ensure your data and the data of your clients remains safe and protected. Our comprehensive security solutions will prevent quality issues, keep company data safe, and ensure your system runs smoothly so you can focus on your business.

High-Quality IT Support Services You Can Rely On

Offering cloud services, third-party IT support services, routine maintenance, and a personal approach to helping you determine your company's IT needs, at TechBldrs in King of Prussia, PA, we work hard to provide innovative technology solutions for your modern business, at reasonable service prices a growing business can afford.

Contact the IT service providers at TechBldrs today to see how we can custom fit a Support plan for you.

Customer Reviews

Always Available to Answer Questions

TechBldrs provided top-notch customer service and fast response time. Their team was always available to answer questions and resolve any issues that came about. Also very knowledgeable about the newest and ever-changing technology. Highly recommend them for reliable and efficient IT support!

James V.

Peace of Mind

I don't write many reviews but these guys deserve one. One of their techs helped me set up security cameras at a rental property and now it's on my laptop and my phone, and I have peace of mind! I don't understand how it works, and I don't need to, they just made it work! Good job!

Rich M.

Quick Response Times

We have been with TechBldrs for 3 months and I am very happy with the service that they provide. They have quick response times. They walk us through any issues that may arise and make sure we grasp the "whole picture" before they close a ticket. They have taken the IT load off of my desk and put it on to theirs!

Anissa M.

Helped During a Holiday Weekend

TechBldrs has been providing IT support to us for nearly 10 years, and we value their service. They provide monthly support for each of our computers and make sure all of our systems and software is up to date. They respond promptly when we need help with any IT issues that arise. Several years ago we suffered a cyber attack over a holiday weekend that crippled our server, and TechBldrs worked through the weekend to be sure we were up and running before we reopened, so we did not miss a beat! Thank you TechBldrs!

Joe C.

Incredibly Responsive and Dependable

TechBldrs has been serving our company for quite a while and they've seen us thru many transitions, upgrades, and crises, all with the utmost professionalism and expertise. They keep us informed of what's going on in the IT world and help us understand and prioritize the changes that would best suit our needs. TechBldrs is incredibly responsive and dependable. Highly recommend.

Grace H.
Sadie Looking Up

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