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How Much Should Network Cabling Cost?

(in the Philadelphia, South New Jersey and Delaware area)

Quick Answer

$160 - $200 per line (with lots and lots of caveats)

Real Answer

Of course, the first question is “How Much?

Snaking the Cable

To answer the question, you have to know how difficult the job to snake all the cables will be.

Stone building, Drywall, Drop Ceiling, Rafters, Office Partitions, through the floor, are just some of the building factors.

You can’t be more than 100 meters (think football field) from the central locations to the outlet.  When you add up all the vertical walls, and following specific pathways, you can easily exceed 300 meters.  That may mean another distribution point for your network, with its own switches, UPS batteries, and electrical power.

Snaking through drywall ceiling is challenging, but hiding the cables in a high open ceiling can require special lifts during the installation where tall ladders won’t do.

Getting to Your Site

Mobilization costs to install 1 line is the same as to install 100 lines, so planning the effort can minimize the cost.  So, it’s logical, fewer trips cost less.

Also, since cabling is labor intensive work, prices will vary from region to region.

So, to get a real answer…

A cabling job needs a site survey, a floor plan print which maps out the outlet locations for wall outlets, ceiling outlets, special cabling (door locks), and other low voltage cabling you want.  Letting experts help you answer the questions you don’t even think to ask is the fastest way to get to the right cost.

Hidden Expectations

Of all data problems, network problems are the hardest to resolve.

No one asks, but everyone expects that all the workmanship is 100% certified and working.  That all network outlets are devoid of noise, resistance and crimps that slow down the network speed.

What that means for us is that all our cable connections are certified using a $15,000+ Fluke meter for ANSI Cat6 and Cat6a standards.  Make sure your installer does the same.

You have to trust that all your cables are 100% reliable.

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