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How Much Should a Firewall Cost?

(in the Philadelphia, South New Jersey and Delaware area)

Quick Answer

 $2800 - $3500 for 3 years ($500 - $2000 for the Device, $1100 - $1500 for the 3 year subscription, and $1500 for the 3 years of labor)

Real Answer

Firewalls are NOT devices, but an on-going up-to-date subscription service and an appliance.

Misconception vs. Reality

Due to marketing, many people misconstrue a firewall as a device on the network. The history was that when firewalls started, the computing power it needed was a lot and so the separate appliance device (computer in a box) was created to run only the firewall software.

Fast forward to today, and with the rapid daily changes in worldwide threats, only massive computers as fast enough to keep up. The firewall now is software that access the massive system to get the latest updates and process all the threats it can’t handle.

Computer in a Box

The firewall is the first-line of defense from all the malware traffic that is coming to your internet connection. It is the ONLY proactive defense you have. All the other tools only work AFTER the malware gets into your system. So, keeping the firewall active is one of the vital steps in keeping from having a really bad day.

And, since the device is a computer-in-a-box, it needs to get periodic updates to keep the firmware running perfectly.

ISP Marketing (a.k.a. Lying)

None of the Internet Service Providers provide you with a firewall.  They say they are, but their device should be called a smart modem or simple router.

Here’s the tip… If you don’t pay for a subscription, it is not a firewall.  Also, if you don’t spend the time to update the firmware on the device, it’s a firewall with holes.

Believing your Internet Service Provider is just wrong!

Keeping the firewall healthy will save you from days or weeks of pain.

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