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How Much Does IT Support Cost?

(in the Philadelphia, South New Jersey and Delaware area)

Quick Answer

$150 - $250 / user per month (with lots and lots of caveats!!)

Real Answer

This is everybody's first question, but answering it is tricky.

How Big, How Fast, and Expertise

So how do you calculate what a fair price for IT Support should be?

“How Big” is based on how many people you have and the number of computers they use.  It should make sense that the more you have, the more it would cost.  Basically, the more you have, the more will go wrong, thus more labor and tools will be needed to support them.  Think of this like a fleet of trucks.

“How Fast” is a response time question.  And “Response Time” is about systems and processes.  If you have the greatest Emergency Medical Team, but they are far away, then you won’t get the response you need.  So, think of the 911 system.  You need people to respond instantly and have direct help nearby.  That takes a lot of investment and refinement in people, systems and processes to respond when you need it (i.e. NOW!).  One person may do that for a short while but will fail if you have to be on-call 365 days per year.

“Expertise” is about personal commitment.  You can’t MAKE someone become an expert.  I can go to a doctor who’s been practicing for 40 years who hasn’t kept up on the latest advancements, or a less experienced doctor specializing in the in the latest non-evasive techniques.  In the world of technology, new enhancements happen every month.  I want certified experts to respond to my calls. That’s what I’m paying for.

2 Things that Matter Most

Look… Every MSP uses a set of tools that help monitor and keep you safe.  If not, they would spend all their time fighting fires.  And tools are tools.  It’s like arguing whether Cobalt hammers are better than Craftsman hammers.  It’s not about the tools.

It’s really about 2 things… Expertise and Response Time.

If the organization is not intentionally “designed” to help people become experts, and constructed for fast response, there’s no reason to buy from them.

This is universally true from doctors, lawyers, plumbers, lawn mower service, and auto mechanics.  I only truly pay for expertise and response time, and I get so pissed off when a company can’t deliver and then comes the1-star reviews.

So, what’s in the price?

Recently, I had a plumber come to my house to swap a kitchen drain.  With the right tools and expertise, he did the work so fast, I didn’t have time to finish my coffee.  So, did you hire the labor alone, or someone to come with all the tools?

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“But I have some tools and supplies. Can’t he use that?”  Sure, if every time he needs something you supply it for them and get charged more for the time he’s waiting for you.  Some of the tools cost thousands of dollars.  And most of the tools I would never use again and wouldn’t know how to use correctly, in the first place.

“But I’m expecting it to be once-and-done.”  Well, even with home plumbing, pipes spring a leak at the worst time (usually during holidays, when its freezing outside, when you have guests over, you get the idea!).  Like home plumbing, your IT systems are attacked the most during the worst times (e.g. Holidays, late nights, and weekends).  The service and tools constantly need to know the state of your systems and alert when it happens.

So, the pricing for IT Support Services include specialized tools and constant monitoring, but what you’re really counting on is expertise and fast response.  Expertise like testing all the backup restorations, firewall updates, and antimalware tools before any holiday.

But you’re expecting some other things too.

No one has ever come to me and said please make sure my computer runs, but I don’t care about the data?  So, ensuring your data is recoverable is something all of my clients expect.

Everyone expects that I am alerted when a breach has happened, even at 3:00am in the morning.  No one has ever expected me to have cyber security protections for part of the day.

All my clients expect that I have a response plan when a breach happens.

They all expect that I handle unfriendly employee terminations with human-care and nothing automated.

Oh, and reliable backups… They happen by magic with a sprinkling of fairy dust, so it’s there when they need them.  It’s not done by humans that have to check the backups Every Day.

And when I can’t get something working on the weekend, I should be able to ask for help.  It’s not like any profession that can take the weekends off.

So, if you want a REAL answer…

Like a doctor looking at your knee pain, we have to do an X-Ray to look at your bones.  And along with that, we need to get a read on the configuration of your systems.  That’s like testing your bloodwork.

Then we can get a true reading of what you need, when you need them and how much it will cost.

But more importantly, how much you are willing to take on?

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