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Our Core Values

At TechBldrs, we’ve made it a habit to allow our passion and curiosity to guide our work. Because of that, we tend not to play by too many rules. Instead of countless guidelines, we have a set of Core Values that we frame our business around.

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1. Your Understanding is My Responsibility

Communication is our business- we just happen to work with technology.

Our business is really in communication- we just happen to work in technology. Your understanding of how we serve you is paramount to us. The people that work at TechBldrs are translators, turning technology into your business solutions. We know that we need to make sure that you're confident and comfortable during every step of our work with you. It’s also crucial that we learn and intuit our clients’ needs so that we’re always preparing both ourselves and the companies we work with for the future.

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2. Growth Comes from Learning

We never finish bettering ourselves, and we get the certifications to prove it.

Technology is changing quickly, and we have to grow and change with it. New ideas, new certifications, new approaches- there is always more to learn. TechBldrs employees understand that, and are always seeking out the latest innovations and information so they can keep themselves (and their clients) ahead of the rest. Unlike most companies, we require our team of certified IT engineers to get new certifications each year so that their qualifications are always current. A curious and proactive nature is a must at TechBldrs. We understand that we’re all still students of learning.

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3. Smart Enough to Simplify

Everything becomes a process. We want you to be able to follow along with us!

Simplification isn’t easy. Not only does it require a mastery-level understanding of the topic at hand, but it also requires a skilled interpersonal communicator to help best explain the information being conveyed. We have to understand our client, the technology, and the problem(s) all at once and be able to express our solutions and how we’d like to proceed. TechBldrs has it down to a science, repeatable for both our convenience and the convenience of our clients.

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4. Be Grateful

We appreciate our clients and our work! Without them, we wouldn't exist.

We get to do what we enjoy every day- and for us, that isn’t a hardship. We know that we get to do what we enjoy every day, and we are grateful for that. This is our calling. TechBldrs actively seeks to bring on board team members who understand how lucky they are to be able to do what they do and who enjoy sharing both their knowledge and their passion with our clients. We’re thankful every day we come into work and support, problem-solve, and collaborate with the clients and vendors we have relationships with.

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5. I Have Your Back

Doing what's right and supporting those around us is how we live.

For us, this isn’t just a team statement: it’s a life philosophy. Our employees are team players who support one another and strengthen the business around them, both for TechBldrs and for our clients. The end goal, for us, is always the client’s best interest- our staff and our clients are on the same team. We believe in ethical and clear communication, so while we’re making sure you’re covered, our team is working their hardest- together. This drives us to behave like we are a part of your business and win.

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6. I Own It

Taking responsibility and being proactive is important to us.

Owning it is all about responsibility. It's important to be able to step up and say "I want to work on this project," or "I'll do what needs to be done." At TechBldrs, we want to encourage all of our employees to express their ownership, collaborative drive, and proactivity when it comes to working together as a team for our clients.

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