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What Type of Security Does the Cloud Have in Place?

What Type of Security Does the Cloud Have in Place?

The cloud not only provides a better, more efficient way to store important company data, but it also offers a number of advantages when it comes to security. By choosing a reputable cloud provider you can ensure that your company data is protected from damage or theft, thanks to advanced security features, including two-factor authentication and data encryption.

By switching to the cloud, your company doesn’t have to invest in on-premise security, so you can boost cybersecurity and save on monthly on-site security costs.

What Security Measures Does the Cloud Have in Place for My Business?

These days, there are many cloud computing options to choose from, including public cloud, private cloud, or a hybrid cloud environment. Every type of cloud computing environment must have certain security measures in place to prevent cyberattacks and data breaches. TechBldrs is a cloud security solutions provider that can handle any issues in cloud computing and will assess your operating systems to identify basic vulnerabilities to external attacks. 

Basic cloud security systems encompass a variety of policies, controls, technologies, security tools, and services that protect your cloud infrastructure from common cloud security threats. With TechBldrs in your corner, you can rest assured your company data is safe from potential threats and attacks.

About Cloud Security for Businesses

Many small businesses have begun migrating from on-premises infrastructures and applications to the cloud. The benefits of making the switch to the cloud are obvious and many businesses now believe that cloud implementation is a necessary step to affordable expansion and improved security. The cloud expands a company’s application options, simplifies content administration, enhances team collaboration, and increases data accessibility. But cloud providers can also implement important cybersecurity protections that can keep important data and applications safe from threats, such as cloud monitoring to prevent cloud data breaches and unauthorized access, powerful tools such as internal firewalls to block cyberattacks, and many more benefits that can handle a wide range of cloud security issues

The Best Perimeter Firewalls

Cloud security practices include a network perimeter firewall. An internal firewall is a private network’s main defense, providing a secure boundary from the public network. This advanced firewall can identify and protect the private network from intrusion attempts, dangerous code, and unwanted traffic.

Security Detection Systems and Event Logging

Cloud applications and infrastructures contain sensitive data that requires round-the-clock monitoring. On the cloud, monitoring data is essential to ensure business continuity. Detecting and diminishing threats on the cloud requires incident management modules and real-time event response as part of your company’s security arsenal. In this case, a cloud provider that includes services such as cloud monitoring, will be invaluable.

Dedicated Firewalls for Applications and Databases

A cloud firewall can filter traffic from a number of sources, including virtual networks, the internet, virtual data centers, and more. Quality internal firewalls are able to distinguish between human traffic and bot traffic, to prevent and avoid bot attacks.

Strong Encryption Methods

While the cloud allows you to easily transfer and store company data, if you want to ensure your data remains secure, you need to do more than upload data and forget about it. Data encryption will conceal data from any malicious or unauthorized users, rendering the data unreadable. Some cloud providers offer this service automatically.

Third-Party Providers for Cloud Management and Improved Security

Managed secure cloud services from the pros at TechBldrs can provide a higher level of security to ensure your cloud resources run efficiently and your data remains protected. To determine the right cloud resources for your company’s infrastructure, TechBldrs can evaluate your systems and applications, then create a custom plan that will detail how we can optimize, build, and run your cloud environment. Our managed services encompass a wide range of IT tasks, including 24/7 help desk support, cloud-based tools, and cyberattack monitoring, hosting and implementation, and more. There are many benefits to using the cloud and we can show you and your team how to get the most out of what it has to offer.

When you work with TechBldrs, we will ensure your cloud computing system has the right resources and tools to improve productivity, promote accelerated growth, and improve cost control.

Contact Cloud Service Providers Today to Schedule a Consultation

TechBldrs can provide the cloud security services and give you the piece of mind you need to keep company data safe. With our managed cloud services, you can expect frequent data backups, round-the-clock system monitoring, and cybersecurity help, and guidance during the cloud migration process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about the benefits of cloud security services. 

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