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Cloud Storage vs. Local Storage

Cloud Storage vs. Local Storage: What’s the Right Choice for You

If you haven't already made a choice between storing your company's data locally or in a data cloud, you may be wondering which path to take. Although this can be a hard decision for businesses, you can find some clarity by learning the pros and cons of these different types of data storage. Advantages of […]

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Is Wi-Fi 6 Worth the Upgrade

Is Wi-Fi 6 Worth the Upgrade? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you're at all plugged into the tech world, then you've already heard the hype about Wi-Fi 6, the latest wireless standard to hit the market. And if you're wondering if your business needs to upgrade to keep up in the ever-evolving world of wireless (no internet involved)  read on to learn more. By the […]

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Wi-Fi 6 and 5G

The Difference Between Wi-Fi 6 and 5G

Both 5G and Wi-Fi 6 have been on our tech radar for several years now, thanks largely to their abilities to give businesses a leg up by having fast and reliable Internet access. They are similar in that they both use radio waves that you can’t see.  They’re different in the distance range and purpose […]

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Virtual Machines in Cloud Computing

Virtual Machines in Cloud Computing

The simplest way to describe a virtual machine (or a "VM") is to say that it is like a virtual computer, complete with the ability to run applications and store data just like a physical computer could. If you're wondering how a virtual machine can benefit a cloud computing set-up, read on to learn more. […]

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Illustration of multiple servers in a 3x3 grid

Why is Server Virtualization Important

Virtualization is not a new phenomenon in the world of information technology, but it may be for some organizations. Businesses in Southeastern Pennsylvania want to invest in virtualization technologies to improve their operations. Server virtualization is essential for your business because it enhances server availability, lowers operational costs, and allows for massive data storage, among […]

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An IT Expert managing tasks of small business

5 Signs Your Small Business Needs IT Managed Services

With all your company's devices, there are many opportunities to get disorganized. With all the laptops, phones, desktops, and iPads, how can you be sure you are keeping all your devices secure? How are you controlling all those logins and enforcing password policies? A great way to keep everything organized is to consider purchasing a […]

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Senior business man working on laptop online

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

The use of cloud-based services in business applications is skyrocketing as more businesses in Southeastern Pennsylvania are focusing on virtualizing their operations to boost efficiency and reduce workload while involving minimum employees. Cloud computing system allows you to store and access data and applications over the internet network instead of accessing it on your computer’s […]

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team of business people working in server room

Do You Need an On-Premises Server in Your Business?

Choosing the correct file storage system is critical because it affects your business operations. Factors such as cost savings, accessibility, scalability, and level of security must be prioritized, as these server solutions hold all your data on internal servers. Have you ever asked yourself when you need a server for your business? Here are a […]

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IT worker estimating structured cabling needs

How to Estimate Structured Cabling Needs?

Structured cabling plays an important role in dealing with specific and complicated cabling. This cabling system supports a variety of management systems, including energy and security access systems, and supports video, multiple voices, data, and more. If you’re considering structured cabling for your business, your first step is determining what your needs are. But if […]

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Components of Structured Cabling

What Are the 6 Components of Structured Cabling?

Over the past several years cable systems have undergone significant changes. These systems used to consist of two to four pairs of copper wires that were connected to the main device with components. Modern systems offer cutting-edge connectivity, with systems that can now carry high-speed data and voice signals. New structured cabling systems consist of […]

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Structured Cabling

What is Structured Cabling and Why Do You Need It?

Structured cabling is a type of cabling system that supports a wide range of voice, video, and data systems. The cable system is planned and designed, as opposed to cabling that’s just thrown together. The neat, well-organized cabling system is designed specifically for each unique business and is cost-effective, flexible, and scalable. Now, structured cabling […]

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IT Engineer working on Private Cloud and Public Cloud Computing

The Difference Between Private Cloud and Public Cloud Computinga

The term cloud computing refers to a collection of services that can offer a business an affordable solution to increase its IT functionality and capacity. Depending on your company’s specific needs and requirements, you can choose how, where, and when you use cloud computing services, to ensure a reliable and efficient IT solution.  Cloud adoption […]

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