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How to know if Cloud Computing is right for your business

How to Know if Cloud Computing is Right for Your Business

In the ever-changing technology landscape, as a business owner, you need to constantly search for ways to cut costs, help your business grow, and keep company data safe and secure, which is why for many companies, switching to the cloud makes sense. 

Instead of owning your own data center or computing infrastructure, your business can rent access from a cloud provider for anything from storage to applications. While cloud technology has been around for decades, it’s seen a huge boost in popularity in the last few years, offering a wide range of benefits, including reliability, scalability, affordability, and flexibility.

But do the benefits of cloud computing make it right for your business?

How Do I Decide if Cloud Computing Services are Right for My Business?

Businesses of all sizes and types can enjoy a wide range of cloud options and benefits such as scalability and efficiency, in addition to affordable services. Cloud services can allow your employees to perform their functions quickly and efficiently, boosting work productivity, now that you no longer have to rely on your outdated servers.

However, making the switch to the cloud is a big deal, and companies should never rush into this type of major change without proper planning. Here are some reasons why many businesses are choosing to migrate to the cloud.

For Improved IT Capabilities

Switching to the cloud offers more flexibility. You’ll no longer have to rely on your outdated local server. If you need extra bandwidth, a cloud provider can instantly meet those demands, instead of your business undergoing a costly and expensive update to your IT infrastructure.

When Your Business is Growing

If you have plans to expand or your business is already growing at a rapid rate, outpacing your infrastructure, you may be faced with storage issues or dealing with sluggish applications. These issues only become more problematic if you’re using an outdated in-house solution. While a cobbled-together in-house solution can work for a limited number of clients, you’ll definitely run into a host of issues if you find that you need to suddenly scale your business. Fortunately, there are cloud-based solutions that can keep pace with your growth.

When You Need To Save Money

If you can’t afford to spend money updating your servers, but you’re quickly running out of storage, or your servers have become unreliable, the cloud provides access to the applications, programs, and tools you need that you would otherwise not be able to afford. 

When You're in A Highly Regulated Industry

Companies that have to worry about the security of their sensitive data, such as patient information, and protecting their business’ reputation against unlawful data breaches, can protect this sensitive information by moving it to the cloud. 

To Encourage True Collaboration

If your growing business has several employees that collaborate on projects, cloud computing will make project collaboration convenient and simple. Any team member can share and view information securely and easily, across cloud-based platforms, wherever they are.

Finding the Right Mix of Cloud Services for Your Unique Business Needs 

If you believe that switching to the cloud is the right move for your business, you need to work with an experienced IT company and cloud service provider that can go over: 

  • The ease of migration
  • The different cloud services available
  • Cloud service costs 
  • Training employees to teach them how to get the most out of the cloud computing platform
  • Hybrid cloud infrastructures 
  • How a private cloud works versus a public cloud 
  • What cloud services management entails 
  • The range of security solutions included 

And more. 

Cloud Solutions for Your Growing Business 

Still not sure that switching to the cloud is right for you and your business or which type of cloud offers the services you and your growing company need to thrive? 

At TechBldrs, we can analyze your technological landscape and business applications and determine your needs to match cloud services that can improve business processes, and security, help you scale your business, and more. 

Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect cloud scenario that can improve business processes, security, project collaboration, and whatever you need, at a price you can afford.

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