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Structured cabling is a critical component in any company’s IT infrastructure, providing the physical infrastructure needed for communication services and systems to operate. However, to ensure you have the right structured cabling for your business, you need to choose an experienced IT company in Philadelphia that knows how to install a structured cabling system that’s efficient and reliable. That’s where the team at TechBldrs comes in.

Structured Cabling Solutions for Philadelphia Businesses

A data network is the foundation of a company’s operations, which is why your network cabling must be designed, installed, and maintained properly for optimal performance. If not, data center equipment can get damaged from excessive heat, while expansion and maintenance can be challenging due to cables that are inaccessible.

The structured cabling experts at TechBldrs know how to design and install quality cabling and provide structured cabling services at the industry’s highest standards.

Structured Cabling Installation 

Structured cabling is what connects your copiers, wireless access points, phones, cameras, and more to your phone and data network. Since a structured cabling infrastructure is the most critical part of voice and data networks, choosing the right company to install your system is vital. At TechBldrs, we use only high-quality products in our structured cabling systems. Our goal is to provide every client with a cabling system that’s capable of supporting all applications, one that is designed to meet today’s high industry standards.

On-Site Readiness Assessment

The team at TechBldrs conducts an on-site readiness assessment to identify your current needs and future requirements. From the beginning, our experts will work closely with you, bringing their quality workmanship and expertise to ensure the job is done right and up to industry standards. Once we’ve completed an assessment, we’ll provide network design assistance and build a structured cabling system that can grow with your technology demands.

Cat vs. Fiber Optic Cable

Many business owners have often asked us which is better, cat or fiber. The answer is simple. Fiber costs less than most higher-bandwidth twisted pair formats, provides significantly more bandwidth, and is much easier to handle. However, these cables can only move data in one direction, which means you’ll need to use more of them. Because these cables are thinner and lighter they can also be more prone to damage.

Cat cabling is designed to accommodate gigabit ethernet, offers high speeds with excellent performance, and is scalable with business networks. However, cat cabling is more expensive and only offers the gigabit network if you have every network component operating at that speed.

At TechBldrs, our structured cabling systems incorporate both types of cables, providing the best of both worlds so your system can perform optimally.

Our Structured Cabling System

At TechBldrs, our network cabling services include: 

  • Assessment, termination, and fault finding
  • Installation
  • Optical fiber optic cabling
  • Fully cable-managed cabinets
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Cat5, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, and Fiber Optics, multi and single mode  
  • Box connections and connection strips 

From the needs assessment and infrastructure design to network data cabling installation and project completion, the skilled technicians at TechBldrs will be with you every step of the way. Once we’ve finished the project, you’ll have a standards-compliant cabling system that will meet the needs of your growing business, allowing you to expand in the future.

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From assessment and design to installation, the expert team at TechBldrs can provide a structured cabling system that will allow you to expand as your technology needs grow. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about our structured cabling services.

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