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Keep Your Mission-Critical Data Safe and Secure

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Securing business data is paramount for continued success and growth in today's digital era. With cyber-attacks and natural disasters looming, Philadelphia businesses need help to unprotect their critical data. TechBlrds, Inc. offers premier backup services tailored for the modern Philadelphia business, ensuring data integrity and peace of mind.

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How much is your company spending each month to internally maintain and manage business data backups? A lot? You should know that there's a more cost-effective solution. Business data backup services provided by TechBldrs can help protect and preserve vital company data.

Understanding Remote and Managed Data Backup Services

Typically offered through the cloud, remote data backup services through a managed service provider like TechBldrs capably protect data from disaster events and provide a more flexible option for data recovery and backup.

Protecting Your Business from Theft and Data Loss

Every business owner understands the time and effort it takes to accumulate vital files and configurations. Theft, human errors, or system failures can put these precious files at risk. Our reliable backup services ensure that even in the face of unforeseen adversities, your business data remains accessible and secure. Gain peace of mind knowing that our top-tier protection measures keep your data safe from threats.

Disaster Recovery

When adversity strikes, having a well-thought disaster recovery strategy can make all the difference. We've covered you, from Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans to Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions. Our disaster recovery planning services go beyond mere data storage; we equip businesses with tools and strategies to resume operations swiftly post any disaster, minimizing downtimes and financial implications.

What is Remote Data Backup?

Traditional data backup was typically handled on-premises by physically storing data copies on tape or disk drives. However, cloud-based solutions offer another way to store enterprise data and information. Online data backup can automate the process of saving data copies more quickly and on a larger scale.

With remote business data backup services, records are transferred over the internet either to a cloud-based solution or to a managed partner's data servers. The process typically occurs during periods of low network usage, such as overnight or on weekends. An automated, routine backup schedule ensures that there's a consistent approach to managing enterprise-wide information.

Offsite Backup

Keeping all your data in a single location can be perilous. Diversifying your data storage through offsite backup is crucial. Our Cloud Storage Requirements Recovery Time Objectives ensure quick access to backup files whenever and wherever required. With TechBlrds, Inc., your data isn't just backed up – it's stored securely at remote, guarded locations, safeguarding it from potential onsite disasters.

What are Managed Data Backup Services?

Our managed cloud-based data backup services handle the data backup process, rather than your internal staff handling the data and process on-premises. We will permanently archive and retain data copies, and assist with restoring older data backups in the event of disaster recovery.

Our managed data backup services include:

  • Initial backup configuration support and assistance
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of your machines to ensure that continuous backup processes are running successfully
  • This cloud-based option includes a proactive response, including instantaneous alerts and notifications, in the event of a backup failure
  • Emergency restore options and disaster recovery services. Support and assistance to recover and restore data in the event of a data breach, malicious data loss events, or data loss disaster
  • While your internal IT team may be able to handle some of these tasks, our online backup services deliver a more comprehensive approach to data backup and recovery.

Advantages of Remote Managed Business Data Cloud Backup Services

Remote cloud backup service has advantages over traditional backup methods. Some of the major benefits of remote backup include:

  • Cloud data backup services mean no dependence on your internal staff to perform physical tasks to back up data
  • Continuous data backup of files, meaning data copies will instantly be updated if the original versions of files are altered or modified
  • Remote backup services with automated version control to better track and organize changes to data logs and file versions over time
  • Securely handling over the cloud to meet regulatory compliance standards for managing sensitive and confidential information

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If your organization is looking for assistance to safely and securely store critical data backups, we are here to help. At TechBldrs, we provide technical consulting knowledge and experience as a managed IT services provider to ensure that your company is well prepared. For a free consultation regarding various backup options, contact us today.

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