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Wireless Networking Installation | Bryn Mawr, PA

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A modern alternative to traditional wired networking, wireless communication technology has become a widely used model for deploying internet connectivity in homes, offices, and enterprises. Wireless technology offers huge benefits in terms of mobility and a large number of innovative technologies.

However, businesses may have a difficult time trying to decide what type of wireless connection is ideal for their needs.

Wireless Network Installation BRYN MAWR

Network design and installation are designed to set up a reliable and fast network for your company to conduct business. It can also ensure a stronger network infrastructure. How the network installation process is conducted will largely depend on whether a company wants a physical network or a wireless network and how many systems and network PCs and devices they hope to interconnect.

Professionals Provide Optimal Speed

Network installation can be modified to suit the needs of your specific company. Our IT professionals in Bryn Mawr, PA can ensure that the speed of your new network is optimized. Over the past several years, internet connection speeds have significantly increased. The expert technicians at TechBldrs know how different IT systems are connected, allowing us to provide services at a much faster speed.

Tailor Network Design to Your Business’s Needs

Every company has a unique set of objectives and needs. Because of this, network installation must be customized to meet these necessities and goals. If your company has multiple locations, you may want to rely on several networks that can communicate important information on essential strategies and processes for your business.

Increased Mobility

A wireless network provides a mobile user with access to network data in real-time so they can roam around a company’s space without worrying about getting disconnected from a network. This will increase productivity and teamwork company-wide. This is something that isn’t possible with a traditional network.


Improved Speed with a Wireless Connection

Installing a wireless network system will reduce cables, which can be cumbersome to a setup and can also be a huge safety risk in the event that an employee trips on them. Wireless systems can also be installed easily and quickly, compared to traditional wired network infrastructure.

WiFi Networks Can Provide a Wider Reach

A wireless network can extend to places in your company that aren’t accessible for cables and wires.

Improved Flexibility

If your network changes in the future, you can easily update a wireless network to adjust to new configurations.


A wireless system can be configured to specifically meet the needs of certain applications. Depending on your company’s needs, these can easily be scaled and changed.

Which Type of Wireless Network (Wi-Fi Connection) Do You Need?

Here's a brief look into the common types of wireless networks available to use today.

  • Point-to-Point - connections allow one device to directly communicate with exactly one other device. For example, two phones may pair with each other to exchange contact information or pictures.
  • Broadcast/multicast - connections allow a device to send one message out to the network and have copies of that message delivered to multiple recipients
  • Multipoint - connections allow one device to directly connect and deliver messages to multiple devices in parallel.
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Professional Network Installations for Wireless Network Technologies

We offer wireless network solutions and network installation services to companies near Bryn Mawr, PA. The network engineers at TechBldrs provide network configuration services that can manage your wireless networking (WiFi) or our expert wireless networking consultants can help you work through any ongoing connectivity issues in your network infrastructure for a more reliable network. Our managed network services will ensure your WiFi installation has a payoff that lasts for years to come for your business, your clients, and your productivity.

How One of the Leading Network Installation Companies in Bryn Mawr, PA Can Improve Your Wireless Network Technologies

There are different use case scenarios and different IT environments a business may have that can be a deciding factor in choosing what type of wireless network best works for you. To determine which network is the right fit, it is always best to have your current IT environment evaluated by the professional IT experts at TechBldrs for efficient and effective network planning.

Offering the office Network Solution Your Company Needs

TechBldrs specializes in providing IT consultancy services for the corporate world and SMEs. For 20 years, we have worked with different clients across the country, particularly working with installing, configuring, and management of a company's wireless network infrastructure.

Call us or email us at info@techbldrs.com today for a free assessment.

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