You can’t move ahead spending 90% of your IT budget fixing things. Our professional team brings a structured processes to organize the IT chaos. We work with your staff to tame the cyber-dragons and let your team accelerate.
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Cyber Security Audit
And Training

Real Security is a continuous cycle of Protect, Detect, and Response. It takes constant vigilance to stay one step ahead of intruders and to find the right defenses you need. The first step is to audit where your security holes are. More importantly, your staff needs to be aware of how to respond to threats that attack every day.
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Flowfile Document Management

Paper is a great tool, but when you have too much of it, it’s a terrible information storage medium. Teams spend a lot of time storing, finding, and sharing paper documents. FlowFile Document Management stores everything in legal PDF files. Easy to store, easy to find, easy to share, yet highly protected.
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Why Do We Exist?

TechBldrs exists to make your work life simpler. We believe that technology is designed to serve a business’ creativity and production. If you’re feeling like you’re fighting a cyber dragon, our job is to give you the armor and sword you need to be able to slay it.
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Our “Why?”

Information Technology is our specialty, and our core values drive our team. In our decades of experience, we’ve gained the breadth of expertise that we bring to every relationship. We are business problem-solvers focused on the right IT to simplify your work life.
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Here are some of the services we offer

Areas We Serve 
CIO Services

CIO Services

Looking to get more out of your IT department? Not sure where to start? TechBldrs can work with your company to maximize what you’re getting out of your budget, help your company set and make growth goals, and overhaul your software and training.
Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

TechBldrs can provide vital backup, disaster recovery, and business resumption planning in case of a catastrophe that threatens your company. We’ll get you up on your feet in as little time as possible so that you can get right back to work.
Cloud Migration

Cloud Intergration

“The Cloud” means storing and accessing documents and applications over the internet instead of keeping them on your computer’s hard drive. Do you have collaborative projects? Employees who work from home? Aging server technology? The Cloud may be right for your company.
Tribal Knowledge Collection

Tribal Knowledge Collection

Employees tend to amass a huge amount of company-specific information. Where do you store this knowledge? How do you ensure its accessibility and that it’s taught to new employees? TechBldrs can help you sort, file, and store this data for everyone’s benefit.
System Performance

System Performance Audit

The TechBldrs System Performance Audit identifies productivity-slowing bottlenecks in your system and provides solutions. We’ll give you a diagnosis and create a personalized plan for the employees of your company– and because we’re TechBldrs, your understanding of our process is guaranteed.
Productivity Training

Productivity Training

From large group sessions to personalized one-on-one coaching, TechBldrs provides highly-specialized training for you and your team. We cover vital cybersecurity issues, backup and disaster recovery, office tools, effective use of the Cloud, and more.
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